Live Online Meditations

Meditate with us.

Omm Office Founder Karen Mitchell leads live, guided meditations online.

Omm Office collaborates with Niche Pilates Studio in Richmond, VA to offer a live guided meditation online Dec. 8th at 5:30pm EST. $15 USD. 

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Sharing space during a pandemic can evolve to mean sharing screens, practicing from home as we turn our homes into sacred spaces for the duration of the meditation practice through building noble silence, honoring the time with awareness, engaging through the lens of mindfulness. Beginners and experienced practitioners of meditation are welcome.

Access to live, screen-sharing, meditations through Meetup and on the Zoom platform available for $35 USD or on a pay-as-much-as-able basis. Sign up and view event calendar here.

Karen will also be giving live meditations on InsightTimer.

Hold the container of these times with grace, with ease, with wellness by learning to meditate. Karen leads self-compassion based, skillful meditations that ground, honor the whole being, while nourishing the nervous system with a tender self-care that will support one for some time long after the meditation ends. Peace be with us all.