About Us

Omm Office™ is a fully online mindfulness organization. We are vipassana (insight) and metta (lovingkindness) meditation practitioners. We believe in cultivating space to grow, learn, and practice meditation that is kind, benevolent, nonjudgmental, as well as compassionate to self and others, while being informative about the Dharma and ways to incorporate mindfulness into every day life. We are an entirely black female owned operation.  

We train individuals and organizations to use our signature Omm Office Workplace Mindfulness tools to help build wellness, resilience, work-life balance, and an overall sense of positive well-being. 

Our tools have been used by clients performing work in the US and abroad.

We draw on 13+ years of meditation training which includes certification in various types of mindfulness. We hold 20+ years of corporate experience working with Fortune 500, large and small international companies.

We produce mindful solutions to real-world problems with our signature programs. 

We look forward to having you Omm with Us at Omm Office!