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We at Omm Office continue to stand in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander community, BIPOC/BAME communities, LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as the many others experiencing oppression and injustice.

Omm Office will continue offering free mindfulness and meditation services for these communities and for those in need of support. DM or send us an email to


##StopAsianHate ##StopAsianRacism

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This free offering will be a continuous, ongoing support throughout all of 2021. We are here for you all as a salve, as safe space, as safe harbor, as community. We practice compassion and intuitive care to communicate good energy, peace, safe space, and love to all we are in mindful community and meditation with.

May we hold peace for one another as peace is precious and fleeting.
May we hold strength and love for each other, as it too may be gone before we know.
May we always go in peace and act out of love and shared humanity.

With Kindness,
Omm Office and The Mindfulness Jedi


Stay with present. No planning. Just be. Sit, stand, walk. Each is correct. #mindfulnesspractice

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Three-minute video guided meditation to access calm, relieve stress as well as anxiety in this moment, right now:

Calming Guided Meditation with Omm Office Founder Karen Mitchell

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